Nei Kung initiative


I have chosen  this name because of my belief that everything outside is a reflection of our inner qualities.

Change starts from within.

There are tons of writings on the subject, but personally I prefer to talk in terms of my own experience.

We have a life of unfulfilled dreams and and we tend to blame anything or anybody but ourselves.  The problem is right there staring at us.  The way we think, speak and act determines the course of our life in the future.

In the small facts of life our future can be seen. Nowadays however, people talk too much and with no reason.

I dedicate this site to all who felt dissatisfied with their lives, their accomplishments, those who had the deep feeling that there is something more than sleep, eat, work and shopping.

I dedicate this site to all those who believe that social rules are simple conventions we have the freedom follow or not.

I dedicate this site to those who least once in life they looked around and wondered honestly … “Why am I here?” As one famous writer once said there are two important days in your life: the day you are born and the day you find out why.

I dedicate this site to those who have not fled their meeting with their inner demons, those who had the courage to say no,  to those who had the courage to dream and did not accept the rule of ignorance. I dedicate this site to those who want to change something in their lives.

My path in life has a public and a private part. Nowdays people have the strong  impulse to expose themselves in public looking for followers, looking for fame, they expose their entire life  on social media , announcing worldwide about their actions and thoughts. Thus, they  become empty shells, devoid of any deep inner vision, their life becomes a stage on which they play a role for the public. Slowly we identify ourselves with the role and forget who we really are.

I always thought that I should always walk the talk not just speak from intuition and books. Sometimes I did it and sometimes I’ve failed. But I always tried.

I never had idols, I’ve never been a fan of anyone. I just wanted to be me. I wanted to fully  understand and experience my own person.

I became the enemy of organizations and hierarchies based on something other than the sincere desire of evolution and human value, either martial arts organizations, spiritual or religious movements. I understand their usefulness in modern social context but I refuse to be a prisoner of any of them.

We are a community of people that is based on mutual respect, a community that is based on free association where nobody is forced to do anything that does not want. There are no agreements between us and acts signed (except those that are related to the proper functioning in the community)

We live in a world where a contract is not worth the paper is written on. Our moral standards are at the lowest level and we need lawyers for anything. We do not respect ourselves and our own words anymore. The value of a man is given by the ability to respect agreements even if by doing so doing he lose money or fame. I call this self respect.

Nei Kung wishes to provide with an alternative to the chaotic and selfish world outside. people chase something for their own imaginary benefit. They go to church to make sure they end up in heaven, they go to temple to make sure they get enlightened, they do business to make money, they lie to get fame. Isn’t it the same greed that fuels us? We all have our own inner fight if we are at least half awake.